LinkedIn for the Job Search

There is a great article for professionals in a job search titled How LinkedIn will fire up your career, posted on CNN Money (Fortune).  Read the article… and then read this post with some contrasting info from recruiters.

This is quite insightful for anyone interested in career management… of interest is the information from Accenture’s internal recruiting boss who says they are looking at hiring 40% of their new hires (or, 40% of 50k new hires in 2010) through social media.

What does that mean to you?

  • Are you on LinkedIn?  (you better be)
  • Will they find you? (is your Profile complete enough? Are you in Groups with them?)
  • When they find you, will they want to talk to you?  (is your Profile compelling?)
  • Will they be able to communicate with you? (and will you be responsive?)

Your branding message, your communication, your actions and interactions and reactions online might get you a job, or keep you from a job.  It’s not their fault, it’s your fault.  Manage your career… on purpose!

Other LinkedIn resources:

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LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD – I just wrapped up the recording and hope to ship the second edition towards the beginning of May.

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