Facebook Profile – Good or Bad?

I just read an article on CNN titled Young job-seekers hiding their Facebook pages.  It’s a critical read if you are in a job search.  Some thoughts:

  1. This applies no matter how old you are (even though the title says “young job-seekers”).
  2. This applies to other social networks (MySpace, Twitter, your blog, etc.).
  3. Recruiters are really looking at this stuff (did you see the 70% rate?  Not 70% that look, but 70% that “have rejected an applicant based on information they found online.”  That is a lot!).
  4. You should have SOMETHING there – shouldn’t YOU control your brand, and not leave recruiters who are looking for it in the dust?

How’s your Facebook Profile? Is it embarrassing, or would it cause someone to NOT hire you?  In today’s world, it’s wise to consider personal branding as  a serious career management strategy.  And your Facebook will brand you, for better or worse.

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