Job title not impressive? Here’s what to put on your resume.

Can you change your resume job title?

The question of whether or not to change your job title on your resume can be a difficult one. Some believe that changing this information might make you seem less serious about being employed, while others feel putting more emphasis into skills may help get employers’ attention and show off relevant experience in an creative way; but how do you know what willl works best?

Here are 4 Ways to Manage Your Resume Job Title

#1. Modify your title

Make the title on youresume reflect your role and not your actual title. Many people recommend and follow this approach, but it may get tricky during a reference or background check. Be sure to tell all of you references of this change so they can back you up.

#2. Focus on your achievements

You may have been hired for a particular title, but focus your efforts on what you’ve accomplished. A great way to show off accomplishments no matter your job description or title is through numbers and statistics. In other words, don’t juste tell – Show!

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#3. Add a title to the ‘Summary’ section

This type of title of should be a more generic and reflect the skills you will use in your desired future roles. For example, the titles of Marketing Expert, Sales Consultant, Finance Expert, etc. This tactic immediately focuses the recruiter or hiring manager on your top skills and will carry over as they read the rest of your resume.

#4. Add a Key Skills section

Having a well-developed key skills section on your resume, in addition to the summary section, can be one of the most important aspects in landing an interview for your dream job. Here are some tips to help you develop this crucial part of your resume:

  • Think about what skills you want to highlight – Look at the job description and try to find out which skills they’re looking for, then come up with examples that demonstrate those skills.
  • Do research on common keywords used by employers – Check online resources like Glassdoor or Monster, or talk with other people in the industry.
  • Make sure you have enough space on your resume – Employers don’t want to scroll down forever, so make sure there’s enough room for all of these key points!

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