4 Things to Add to Your LinkedIn Profile Right Now

You may think you already have a great LinkedIn profile, but there are always little tweaks that can be made to make it even better. You may not know what those tweaks are or how to do them, which is where we come in!
In this blog post, we’ll cover four things you should add and consider adding to your LinkedIn profile right now.
Ready? Let’s go!

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4 Things to Add to Your LinkedIn Profile Right Now

#1. Headline

Your headline isn’t necessarily your current job description. Instead, it should describe the work and capabilities in general for potential employers to find you by typing “you” into Google search engines! Your headline under a photo is also very important when it comes to being found online–load up on keywords so they know what exactly makes this applicant worth their time (and money).

#2. Connections

LinkedIn is a great way to make connections and explore potential career opportunities, but it’s also crucial for networking with people in the industry. Use these newfound friendships as an opportunity to get recommendations or answers about which schools you should apply to!

#3. Skills

LinkedIn is an amazing social media platform that can really help you out in your career. You should add as many skills to LinkedIn so when people search for them, they will see yours and follow up with endorsements from friends or family! Getting these added-in quickly takes less than two minutes — what are some of the most relevant ones for your field?

#4. Your profile picture

The first impression a hiring manager has of you is your profile picture. This means that it’s important for you to make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and reflects who you are as a professional. Step #1 – Have a profile picture. Step #2 – It should be professional and smile! Don’t look super serious, it can be offputting.

PRO TIP: Be aware of your privacy settings. If you are updating your profile and do not want all of your contacts to know, you can change this in your settings. For example, your current employer.

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