Job Search: Who is your competition?

A friend told me his company needed to hire someone with my skills.  This was a good friend who cared about my employment, and was willing to help where he could.

His brother was the hiring manager, and I knew I had the “in” I needed.

During the interview I could tell the job was mine…. if I wanted it.

By the end of the interview I knew that while I could do and enjoy the job (I had already been pursuing JibberJobber, what would become my main revenue stream), I wasn’t the RIGHT person for it.

The right person was a guy I had just met that had years of experience in what they needed. I met him at a network meeting for professionals in transition.  We talked just long enough for me to like and trust him.

And so I recommended him for an interview.

And they interviewed him, and offered him the job.

The job that would have been mine, if I wanted it, went to someone else.

I wasn’t making any money at the time, and I could have used that job, but I gave it away.

How did I feel about it?


Giving is a big part of networking.  I never thought that meant giving someone else a job.

Other job seekers are, in a sense, competition.

What did I get from that other job seeker?  Not even a thank you.  Really.  He never came back to me and thanked me, even though I told him about the interview.  He just disappeared.

That’s okay, though. I know that I did the right thing.  And one day it will come back to me. I didn’t give the job away because I wanted a “thanks,” I gave it away because it was the right thing to do.

Who is your competition in your job search, and how do you treat them?

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