Job Search Tool: Your Website

As a professional you should have a number of tools you use in your job search, and when you aren’t looking, for your career management.  Business cards and resumes are two of the tools you should have.  Another is a personal website.

I have written a lot about using websites and blogs as a personal branding tool on my JibberJobber blog… here’s a link to about two years of awards I’ve given to people who are doing a great job with their personal branding with websites.

In those posts many of the personal branding award recipients have started their own blogs, which is really a phenominal way to showcase your professional breadth and depth.  But a blog is a big commitment… I wanted to show you a terrific example of what YOU can do within just a few hours and not have that long term committment.

Donald McMichael has a website that is simple yet professional… go check out his site and then think about how you can do something similar.  Note the website is – this is a simple $10/year investment that we should all make (even me – mine is at

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