Job Search Tips: Networking vs. Socializing

I was at lunch with a buddy this last week when he started talking about a very interesting concept: networking vs. socializing.  He was talking about how his kids socialize (they do it very well), but they don’t know how to network.  Perhaps here are some differences:

Socializing = hanging out

Networking = nurturing relationships

Socializing = no purpose

Networking = I respect your time, and mine, and we talk about meaningful stuff

Socializing = boring -> I’m leaving

Networking = when it gets hard, I get to work

Socializing = results in nothing

Networking = never know what, but should eventually result in something

Socializing = entertain me

Networking = let me help you

Socializing = ________________

Networking = ________________

Isn’t that interesting? I personally think that, aside from productive, networking is fun.  More fun, perhaps, than socializing!

Note: I’m not saying that socializing is BAD… but it was interesting to think about the differences between the two!

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