Job Search Roundup from Recruiters

Here are three posts that caught my eye this morning:

Why job boards will never replace good recruiters by Chris Bailey.  This goes along with other posts like “the resume is dead,” “the business card is dead,” “the traditional job is dead,” etc.  Chris argues that as great as job boards might be, they won’t replace the value a recruiter brings, whether it’s a more turnkey solution to a company looking for talent, or the high-touch service a recruiter brings, or the ability to use wisdom and judgement.

And here all us job seekers thought that recruiters didn’t care about us, since they hardly ever call back, even after we send them a resume.  Apparently they do :)

Top Three Interview Questions Employers Should Ask by John Kreiss. This was a popular post going around the internet last week from Forbes.  George Bradt says the only three real questions are: (1) Can you do the job, (2) Will you love the job, and (3) Can we tolerate working with you. I found these three questions to be ridiculous.  At the very least, unrealistic.  Here’s why:

First, if I ask if you can do the job, or if you will love the job, what are you going to say?  Most people will say “OF COURSE!!”  In other words, the answers will be self-serving, and in my experience, at least 95% of interviewees will say YES.

Second, the last question is somewhat offensive.  I think people will be inclined to say “OF COURSE, I’M GREAT TO WORK WITH!”

I know people want to be honest, but the job search is emotional, and being asked questions like this might evoke emotional responses.  The job seeker might actually be thinking:

1. Of course I can do this job.  If not, I’ll learn how really fast!

2. Of course I’ll love it!  I’ll love anything that is more than unemployment and gives me my dignity back!

3. You’ll not only tolerate working with me, you’ll love it!  I’m amazing.  My past problems?  Oh, that wasn’t me or my personality, it was the jerks I worked with!

If you still like the three questions, I suggest you somehow get the real answers, but use totally different questions…. not such direct questions that could lead to a misleading response.

Here’s A New One – A Candidate Who Will Not Supply References by Paul Gumbinner. My heavens people are _____ (I’m not even sure what to put there). Paul tells the story of a candidate who is getting close to an offer, but she’s not playing “the game.”  Who knows her reason (Paul, the recruiter, doesn’t).  I’m reading this thinking “this lady is going to lose out, just because she is difficult to work with.”  Maybe she has an excellent reason to not do it, but at least communicate it to the recruiter!

There has to come a time when the recruiter is in a partnership with you, on your side.  Treat them well, and communicate with them… playing games will only put you on their “Qualified but Crazy” list, which they probably won’t call on very often!

Have a great weekend!

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