Favorite Job Search Tools?

What are your favorite job search tools? This post was inspired by Robert Wright’s post: My Favourite Online Tools (as a recruiter)

As a speaker to job clubs and job ministries around the U.S., I see tens of thousands of job seekers who use various things and create (or use) various job search systems.  Here are some tools I’d recommend:

  1. LinkedIn.  This is the 800lb gorilla in the social space, and has replaced other “must-have” tools for job seekers.  If you are a professional, in (or preparing for a) transition, you MUST be on LinkedIn.  Period.
  2. JibberJobber.  I’m totally biased, since this is the company I started almost six years ago.  But I’ve seen so many people get value out of it, in a job search and after they land.  I think every professional should be more serious about career management and organizing their job search, and they should have this CRM-like system to help them navigate the relationships  they track during their job search.
  3. Email and phone.  Regular communication tools.  Have good email address that isn’t going to misbrand or embarrass you.
  4. Resume.  No, it’s not dead.  People still ask for it. They still demand it.  Unless they are super cool San Francisco startups that think resumes are lame (that’s probably because they are so small they don’t hire much), the companies you are targeting, and the managers you network with, will ask for a resume.  Not having one could be a show stopper.
  5. Business cards. Another thing that is not dead (unless you are in the silicon bubble).  Handing out something that people can take with them can be valuable, and differentiating.  And, what you put on your card could be brand-reinforcing.

What are YOUR favorite job search tools?

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