When I was deep into my job search my day looked something like this:

Wake up around 4:30.  I’m not a morning person at all, but by 4:30 the anxiety had me fully awake, and I couldn’t lie in bed anymore.

Jump online to see what was new on Monster and other boards.  Usually nothing.

Eat something between 5 and 8am.

More online searching and applying to openings.

Make myself eat lunch.

more online searching and applying.

Join the family for dinner around 5 or 6pm.

Do some family stuff for a couple of hours – I was probably more of a zombie than a dad.

8:30pm – after kids went down, I jumped back online for more online searching.

Crazy? Yes.

Ineffective? Yes.

Unhealthy? Definitely.

I was anxious to land my next job.

I was “too busy” to network.

I thought people would see my resume and KNOW I was the right person to bring on the team.

My physical activity was very, very limited, and involved many hours sitting in my new office, which was a reclining rocking chair in my bedroom.

My mental health wasn’t so hot either… how could it be if you seclude yourself and hardly talk to other humans?

What would my advice be to myself, back in those days?


Shower and dress up and get out.  Regular showers are good!

Go where others are!  See them, meet them, watch them.  You can talk to them or just observe them, but be around other people, and maybe borrow some of their energy and passion.

Create a regular exercise strategy. Whether it is to walk a mile every day, or do something much more vigorous, you need the endorphins.

You might need the routine.

You might need the social interaction.

But I’ll tell you from painful experience – you do NEED TO GET OUT!

(go on, what are you waiting for?  Get out!)


  1. Doris Appelbaum on September 15, 2011 at 2:49 pm

    Yes – Yes – Yes! Get out, meet people, volunteer, work for a temporary agency, help a friend, make yourself valuable. It does wonders for your self image! And, when you have a phone interview, stand up and smile! Your voice will sound better and you will feel more confident.

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