How Recruiters Use Google (aka, Are You Findable?)

Here’s an exercise that you need to do RIGHT NOW.

Imagine you are a recruiter trying to fill a job (a job that is a perfect match for you, the job seeker).

Go to Google and do a search for the right candidate (which is you, of course).

Are you coming up on the searches?

You can’t use your NAME in the search phrase, since the recruiter doesn’t know your name.

What would you use?

Check out this very short post that shows how recruiters search using Google (another gem from Recruiting Blogs).

Now, try the search again, but a little more refined, based on that search.

It might be something like:

Seattle “project manager” resume

OR (Seattle | Washington) “project manager”

Are you coming up?

If you are NOT, then what can you do to your profile, resume, website, etc. so you do come up?

(hint: figure out what keywords are most important, then make sure you have those in your profiles/documents so you have a chance of showing up when a recruiter is looking!)

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