Job Search Essentials: Dealing with Job Search Depression

My most commented blog post is Depression Clouds Everything.  It has over 500 comments. I didn’t expect one or two comments… I thought it would be a touch subject.

But it affects every job seeker I’ve met.  And their spouse, kids, parents, neighbors, etc.

This is the pink elephant of the job search… not many talk about it, or know how to deal with it.  I’m thankful to Alison Doyle, the job search expert at, for pointing me to a colleague’s post: Top 8 Tips for Living with Depression

Normally, when I write a post like this, I share the 8 tips…. and ask you to go read the original post for more details.  My fear is that sometimes people read the 8 tips and think “oh, I know all about that, I don’t need to read more details on that tip…”  That’s what I do, anyway.

I hope that you really, really click through and read the entire post.  This is a life-saving concept.  It can save you, your sanity, your marriage, your relationship with loved ones, your career… and probably more.

With hesitation, I share the 8 tips.  But please, please click through to read the post – don’t just assume you have a grasp on any of these 8:

  1. Join a support group,
  2. Reduce your stress,
  3. Improve your sleep hygiene,
  4. Improve your eating habits,
  5. Learn how to stop negative thoughts,
  6. Beat procrastination,
  7. Get a handle on your household chores,
  8. Learn how to forgive

You knew about those, right?  And you know how to deal with each one?  I am sure I do too… but please, go to the original post to see more information on how to do each one better than you are now.

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