Age Discrimination in the Job Search

Last year I spoke to thousands of people.  Probably somewhere around 10,000 people (I should keep track, but I don’t).

One of the most common issues that comes up is discrimination – specifically, age discrimination.

Chris Russell, at Secrets of the Job Hunt, wrote a post titled How to fight age discrimination.  It is a collection of four posts… here are my two favorite:

How to Fight Age Discrimination, from a legal perspective (on eHow).  There are four steps, including have documentation (see the post for what to document), find the EEOC office nearest you, file the complaint in person, and then file the complaint (aka, charge) by mail.

Fight Age Discrimination in Your Job Hunt – Manage Your Digital Footprint, by Keppie Careers.  With regard to social media, Miriam says: “It can help keep you looking young in a job market with a tendency to discriminate against older workers.”  I agree.  Having some kind of activity, or strategy, can make it look like you are current in today’s world.  Check out this post on LinkedIntelligence, about a guy who met someone in marketing who hadn’t heard about LinkedIn… if you are in marketing, you better know what LinkedIn is, don’t you think??

We all face discrimination of some kind … it might be age, it might be race, religion, accent, size, height, hair color, lack of hair… how can we get around discrimination and really show who we are? (hint: there is a way!)

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