Job Search Discrimination: Only The Employed Shall Apply

I’ve written about this before and am really disgusted it’s happening.  I’m guessing the people who make these decisions haven’t been in a real job search and don’t really understand what the last few years have been for many out-of-work professionals.

It’s a real shame and a display that ignorance is alive and well.  Unfortunately.

You can read the whole article here: Employers Continue to Discriminate Against Jobless, Think ‘The Best People Are Already Working’

We can talk about the ignorance all day long but here’s another idea: become employed.

Easier yet, become a consultant.  That’s right, you consult.  Remember what you used to do for a living, before you lost your job?  Offer those service,  but at 4 – 8 times the amount you were getting paid before.

It’s called “consulting.”

Where you an executive assistant?  Become a Virtual Assistant.

Where you a project manager?  Become a Project Management Consultant.

Where you an inhouse designer?  Become a Freelancer.

Getting work is important, too, of course.  But at least now when you interview with someone you can say “I’m a Project Management Consultant,” instead of “I’m between jobs.”

Whether you bill one hour or one hundred hours is kind of a different point. I’ll never forget my first trip to Silicon Valley – anyone who was unemployed was a … CONSULTANT.

Why not?

Added Bonus 1: Now you won’t have a long gap on your resume… you have been a consultant!

Added Bonus 2: You might just find your passion and, if you can bill enough, realize you don’t want to go back to corporate… and grow your consultancy.

Added Bonus 3: Some baby boomers, because of age discrimination, will never get another traditional job.  It’s unfortunate but this is a real, viable option.

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