Job Search Conundrum: Talking. When is it time to not talk? The Too Much Information Problem.

Will Thomson wrote a post that hits the nail on the head with most job seekers.  I’ve experienced this problem as a hiring manager, as well as at networking events.   His post is simply titled TMI, and talks about when it’s time to … stop talking!

Will has five points you need to internalize so you don’t make the mistake of talking too much, or sharing too much (usually personal) information.  Will suggests you clean up your social presence, and a few other things.

The most uncomfortable times I experience this is after I speak to a group of job seekers and someone starts telling me their life story, with a dozen or two dozen people waiting in line to say hi. It’s not a private setting, and I can almost see people grumbling as the person just keeps talking about irrelevant stuff, or embarrassing stuff.

Consider your audience, the setting, the time you have, and what’s appropriate. You want to get stuff off your chest, and justify why you are unemployed, but some things are better left unsaid.

Check out Will’s post at TMI.

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