Job Search Communication: When and How to “interrupt” Someone

On my JibberJobber blog I have a theme for 2012: 99% of your job search is communication.  Whether it is written, verbal, body language, business cards, etc., you are communicating all the time.  That communication, intended or unintended, should have a significant impact on the outcome of your job search.

With that in mind, check out this great post titled Failing At Headhunting Calls?  Rebecca Sargeant  shares 10 “valid business reasons for interrupting someone’s day.”

The post is for headhunters, but it TOTALLY applies to you.  Read each of the 10, and think through how you can incorporate them.

Two thoughts:

1. I think the biggest problem is that we think we are interrupting, and so we go in meekly and we really undermine ourselves.  We have to be proud of what we are and who we are and talk to people as if we are peers and colleagues, and not be too apologetic. In other words… are we really interrupting?  Maybe not.

2. I would not have time if you came to me with many of the 10 points. Don’t send me articles and stats and call me with jokes…. I am very busy (as are your prospects), and I need concise, on-message communication.

Not to discount the 10, because any of it might be really relevant at different times, or for different people, but be careful which tactic you use when, with who, and how.

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