Job Search Attitude

Check out this brilliant (and short) post on Recruiting Blogs from Emily Gordon.  Seriously, brilliant! It is titled I wouldn’t hire you as my recruiter…and neither would you!

I love the main points she underlined:

1. Your attitude is everything. People don’t want to talk to you, or refer you, until your attitude is good enough.  Most job seekers need to work on this.  It’s not enough to put on a smiley face when you network, and appear positive… you must internalize the right attitude, because even when you think you are sending the right message, if you are hurt and angry and scared-to-death (what job seeker isn’t any of those three??), your message will come out different than what you think it is.

2. Communicate “why you left your last job” well. Emily says she doesn’t want to hear excuses.  No one wants to hear any train-wreck stories of what went wrong, and why your boss is an idiot.  They ask because they want to know if you are high risk, and will be a problem at the next job.  How do you answer this question?  “are you high risk, and will you be a problem at your next job?”  That’s what they are really asking… if you tell them how idiotic your boss was, you aren’t addressing their concern!

3. Emily says “Somebody will fill that position!” That’s right.  Someone will.  Put in the effort, do this the right way, and it might be you.  Be normal and average and employ the same strategies as everyone else and… well, you won’t have much of a competitive advantage!

Check out Emily’s brilliant post here…!

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