Christmas and the job search

In two days much of the world, and your audience, will shut down to celebrate Christmas.

Some celebrate Christmas, some don’t.  Whether you celebrate or not, you are impacted by this holiday season.  The world seems to shut down.

So what do you do as a job seeker?

You can do all kinds of stuff … you can network (in a different way) with family and friends, or at church.  You could take some time and work on your communication (written, verbal, etc.). You could clean your office, regroup for the new year, go over your goals for the year and make a game plan for next year.

All of these things are great things to do.

I’d like to share something I learned in my job search… something I wish I would have done more:



I know as a job seeker it’s hard to fathom you have as much to enjoy as you have had in years past… but if you honestly ask yourself what blessings you have, you should be able to list a few things. And if you are honest, you might be able to list a few more.

I remember seeing people who had a job (aka, steady paycheck, and no worries about where money was going to come from next month) and being jealous. It’s easier for them, I thought, because they didn’t have to worry about the simplest financial problems a job seeker worries about.

That was wrong, and toxic, thinking.

It’s so easy to get into that toxic place, with envy and comparisons.

I challenge you to spend the rest of this year listing ways you are blessed.

Who knows, maybe this exercise will help how others perceive you, your attitude will change, your strategies and tactics might change, and best of all, the results might change.

I dare you to try it 🙂

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