The Proper Hyperlinks to Include in Your Resume

Does your resume currently include any hyperlinks? With the growing popularity of LinkedIn, personal websites, and social media platforms, sometimes it makes sense to include hyperlinks in your resume.

Hyperlinks to Include in a Resume

Check out the following list of hyperlinks you can include in your resume.

On a side note: even though the majority of resumes are now sent electronically or are uploaded into a application site, occasionally they are still submitted in printed form. It is a good idea to keep a version of your resume that has URLs typed out for those rare times you will actually print it out.

Typically Hyperlinks to Include:

  • Your LinkedIn profile in the contact information at the top. Don’t forget to create a Custom URL for LinkedIn
  • Your other social media accounts in the contact information.  Assume that potential employers are going to search for this anyway if they are serious about hiring you. Be sure to stay professional AND consistent on Social Media.
  • Your personal website in the contact information, if you have one. Check out A Personal Brand + Your Job Search (How They Work Together) for more information on how your personal brand can help your job search.
  • If you refer to any articles, publications or media coverage include those links as well.
  • Websites to companies you have worked for in the past.

By including hyperlinks you are demonstrating that you have a modern resume and are up on basic technology. It also provides easy access to additional information and makes your resume easy to read.

Good luck, and happy job hunting!

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  1. Roy Burke on January 2, 2022 at 12:37 pm

    Getting ready to send out my resume. I have had a LinkedIn account for a while now but never really put it to use. Now I am scrambling as I realize its value. My question is about hyperlinks for email and LinkedIn. Should I go that route? I have heard it may cause an issue with the filtering software since most keep text only so would leave out the links. On the other hand, some say it shows that you are progressive in using technology.

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