How To Tackle The Job Market After Being Fired

Getting a new job after being fired can be really stressful. You will have many questions such as:

  • What will I be asked in an interview?
  • Will someone want to hire me?
  • Should I mention the firing?

The circumstances of you being firing will help to answer a few of these questions. However, if you’re still unsure about how to best approach the job market after being fired, here are a few guidelines on how to tackle this delicate situation. 

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Unfair Dismissal? Appeal it

First things first. Before tackling the job market, you need to establish whether being fired was even a fair decision in the first place. If you feel that the dismissal was unfair than you should contact a lawyer. In particular, dispute resolution solicitors are able to look into your case to see whether you have grounds for a claim against the employer. It would be unjust to have a black spot on your career if it shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Get Your Resume or CV in Order after Being Fired

When was the last time you looked over your resume? Before you start applying for a new job, make sure that it’s up to date and relevant to the positions you are applying for. With regards to including being firing on your resume, it wouldn’t necessarily have to be stated. However, the time you’re away from work can leave a gap. So, while you are looking for a new job, consider taking part in courses and volunteering so it doesn’t bring up questions in your interview.

Network after Being Fired

Hiding away after being fired wouldn’t be the best protocol. How you react to being fired is extremely important, so grasping the situation by the horns and running with it will be far more effective than hiding away. Hopefully have made some useful connections in your previous job so it would be best to utilize them. Contact people to see if they’re aware of any opportunities that are available within your industry. Alternatively, network at events or through social media websites such as Linkedin.

Be Honest In Your Interview

You may be tempted to make changes or lie on your resume after being fired. The hassle and stress of being asked about your previous firing after drawing attention to it is never an ideal situation. However, if you lie it is likely to cause further problems. It is important to be honest during your interview about being fired. Keep your answers short and factual and then move on to the positives of your accomplishments rather than dwelling on the situation.

Consider Contacting A Recruitment Agency

If you’re having trouble getting interviews lined up or you find that your industry is really competitive, a recruitment agency may be able to help you. Some business owners only work with recruiters to find new employees, so it can be a useful route to take.

Remain Positive

Getting fired is tough. However, it helps to remember that you’re not the only one in this situation. You have many talents and experiences that are worth hiring. Being fired does not have to define your career. How you react to being fired is the most important step in the process of recovering from your dismissal and getting a new job. Stay positive in your job hunt. Take the time to reinvest in yourself, keep going and don’t give up!

Happy Career Hunting! We are here for you!

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