How to Choose the Right Professional Resume Writing Service

How to Use a Professional Resume Writing Service

Professional resume writing service companies are not all the same.

You probably have a good rough draft of your resume or CV. However, if you are really serious about your job search, consider having a professional look at your resume.

What to Look For

A really good professional resume writing service should have the following things:

  1. A Free Resume Critique. They should be willing to look at your resume and give you some feedback before you even pay them anything.
  2. An excellent history of service. Look for a company who has been in the game awhile (like many, many years.) There are a lot of start-up companies who don’t have the experience of seasoned writers.
  3. Writer profilesThe company website should list its resume writers, their profiles and their credentials. You can get a good idea of their expertise that way.
  4. A clear process. The company should provide a very clear process, timeline and expectations for writing your resume.
  5. Testimonials and Reviews. Don’t just take the company’s word for it. Check out their online reviews and what other people have to say about their work. Do your research.
  6. Cost. Don’t base your choice on price alone. It is very true that you get what you pay for. If it’s cheap the writer isn’t going to spend very much time on your resume–and you need this to be a masterpiece. Investing in an amazing resume is a way to invest in your career.
  7. A wide range of industries. Some resume writing companies only focus on one or two industries. That may OK if it the industry you are in. However, a successful resume company will have experience in many industries. Professional writers should also be able to give advice for your job search because they do this all day long.

Make sure the professional resume writing service you choose is a good fit for your specific career.

Good luck and happy job hunting. We are here for you.

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