Fall is a Fabulous Time to Find a New Job

There is never really a wrong time to find a new job, but there are definitely times of the year that seem to work better. Now is one of those times. The lazy days of summer are behind us and employers and employees have a renewed sense of productivity this time of year.

Use the fall season and the start of the fourth quarter to your advantage and go get that dream job–or at least a new one.

Here are 3 great reasons why Fall is the perfect time to find a new job.

#1. Businesses are Thinking about the New Year

Fourth Quarter is a big planning time for most businesses. They are (hopefully) setting their goals and budgets for next year. They are also discussing where they need to staff up. A lot of job seekers think that the first quarter is best and while this is a really good time, there is also more competition.

You will be ahead of the curve if you start now. Fall can be a busy time of year for a lot of people including other job seekers. Your competition is busy with school activities, sports, holiday planning, etc. Beat them to it!

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time to find a new job

#2. Seasonal Work Starts Now

It’s not even Halloween yet but stores have Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years stuff up already. We know, it’s insane. But so are the stats for businesses hiring seasonal help right now. USP is estimating they will hire 100,000 seasonal employees this year. 

While this type of work may not be ideal, it does get your foot in the door. It also helps if you are currently unemployed. Your resume looks better and you feel better if you are working. Many companies hired their top seasonal performers for full-time work after the holidays are over.

time to find a new job

#3. This is a Great Time to Update Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Think back to all the things you did this year:

  • Classes
  • Certifications
  • Training
  • Contract work
  • New position
  • what else?

Even if you did land a new job this year, be sure to update your resume AND LinkedIn Profile. If you are still looking, be sure to update your resume and LinkedIn profile regularly. Take advantage of our FREE resume critique if you’d like some feedback on it. We are happy to help you speed up the process.

Time to Find a New Job: Wrap Up

Whether you are thinking of starting a job search, been at it a while, or losing hope, Fall is a great time to find a new job. Get a jump on the New Year competition and maybe find some seasonal work in the meantime. We know this can be a tough time but don’t take your foot off the gas now. You’ve got this!

Happy Career Hunting! We are here for you!

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