Don’t Slow Down Your Job Search Now!

Keep Up Your Job Search Now

Why should you job search now, at the end of the year?

People incorrectly believe that they should wait until the 1st of the year to start (or restart) their job search. Nothing is further from the truth. The labor pool foolishly shrinks between Thanksgiving and New Year, but the hiring needs remain the same.

That converts to less people applying for those jobs and those individuals increase the odds in their favor. So, don’t let up on your job search.

What is the best time of year to look for a job?

If you conduct a quick internet search on “what is the best time of year to look for a job?”, chances are the results will say January and February.

While it is true that the end of the year holiday season is busy (and not necessarily with work related tasks), it is still a good time to make initial contact with companies you are interested in working for. You will stay ahead of the job seekers who take a break this time of year. It is a great time to set coffee or lunch dates to get to know more about the company. Keep reaching out to your contacts and gleaning more info to refine your job search.

In the first quarter most companies receive updated budgets and sales forecast, but they still have positions to fill at the end of the year.

Some companies do not make hiring decisions until January or February, but any good HR manager or business owner is always aware of staffing needs and thinking ahead.

You can make their job easier for them when they come back from break by following up with them and reminding  them of who you are. Second or third contacts are typically easier than the first, since you have a relationship started and something to build on.

Remind them why they don’t need to look any further.

I wish you the very best luck in your job search and reaching your goals in 2018. Career Resumes is here to help in any way we can.


Peter Newfield

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