Buzzwords and Terminology

There has been a discussion in the past week on a couple of professional resume writers’ e-lists concerning a new buzzword that is starting to enter into resumes. The buzzword is “servant leadership” and the discussion revolved around the definition of this term, the common practice of this new leadership style, and whether or not it had a religious connotation. Some resume writers, especially those who work with clients from the non-profit and management consulting sectors, were quite familiar with the term while others were not. References and URLs to educational sites flew back and forth and some off-list discussions that were rather heated ensued.

The point of this is that professional resume writers who are truly dedicated to their craft spend a great deal of time staying on the cutting edge of career marketing. Many are career coaches and educators in addition to being professional resume writers and are tasked to stay abreast of new innovations, practices, and emerging trends. The best resume writers hold credentials from certifying organizations and maintain continuing education credits annually.

Resume writing involves the application of knowledge of specific industries, current employer demands, marketing strategy, evolving terminology and buzzwords, and the ability to craft succinct, hard-hitting career marketing documents. Resume writing is a true profession, not a hobby, and not a fly-by-night job. For new clients who have never had a professional resume developed or have had a resume prepared by a typing service or cheapy service, the value of a great resume may not be immediately evident. That is, not until the client sees the resume in action. The results are the true testimony to the investment in a great resume.

So, we stay on the cutting edge of buzzwords. Just as discussions of the buzzwords of the dot-com bubble bloomed, so has a new discussion of “servant leadership”. Your dedicated professional resumes writers are hard at work doing their research!

(For more information on “servant leadership” as a management style, we offer the following URLs. A Google search on the term also produces prolific resource sites.)


  1. Bernie Meyer on August 7, 2008 at 11:11 am

    The article is true, but how can one tell the hacks from the professionals.
    Even a hack can charge $600.

  2. Career-Resumes Blog on August 11, 2008 at 8:11 am

    […] gentleman named Bernie Meyer ran across one of Tracey’s posts from 2005 entitled “Buzzwords and Terminology,” where Tracey wrote about how professional resume writers worth their salt make sure they stay […]

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