Are You Communicating?

The number one skill that is demanded by employers is the ability to communicate. Communication is more than just making yourself understood. It’s listening and understanding what is being communicated to you. It’s being able to write succinctly and clearly without too much fluff or too little detail. Communication is being able to speak to different types of people in different situations about different topics.

All jobs in our society require good communication abilities. No longer does the engineer work alone in his office on drawings and plans; he has to work in a team of engineers, meet with clients, give presentations, write proposals. Even the line worker at the auto manufacturing plant must have good communication skills in order to lead other workers, communicate with supervisors, and write reports on production or inefficiencies.

Some people are natural communicators. Ronald Reagan was called the Great Communicator due his innate ability to listen, hear, and talk to all types of people. Other people have to work at communicating effectively. It is hard for them to make themselves understood or to listen carefully to others and really comprehend what is being said. Some people are gifted in communications and make it their living.

Resume writers are such people. Just as a general contractor hires a specialized electrician to install a security system in a high-end home, the general public hires resume writers to produce specialized documents that are strategically written to sell the job seekers potential. The best writers are people such as our staff who have advanced degrees, have multiple certifications in resume writing and career coaching, and who are at the top of their game. Services who advertise $30 resumes cannot afford to pay the level of talent that we have but rather hire college students (who are probably in those remedial classes) at minimum wage to crank out cookie cutter resumes.

America is becoming more and more service-oriented. You hire a gardener to take care of your landscaping. You hire a personal trainer to take care of your love handles. You hire a virtual assistant to keep you organized. You hire an architect to design your house. It only makes sense to hire a specialist to market you verbally to your next employer.

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