7 Tips To Find The Perfect Remote Job for You

by Guest Author, Anthony Cofrancesco

Ever since the option became more prevalent during the worst of the pandemic, employees have been flocking to remote work.

Per Forbes, interest in remote work rose by 556% last month (believed to be in part spurred by some harsh words from Elon Musk towards remote employees). But a remote job isn’t some magic fix. You need to get the right one to be happy.

Here are seven considerations you should be making while searching to make yourself more appealing during interviews, and to determine if the job is a fit for you.

Show You Deliver Results

Remote workers must combat the stigma that being away from the office means you are trying to slack off. Go to the interview prepared with examples of what you have achieved in other remote positions.

Show You Are Committed

You want to show you are there for that particular job and not just any old thing that happens to be remote. Even if you prefer telecommuting, you have to love the company not just the schedule.


Being remote often means you are more secluded from other workers. Show you are a team player by explaining how you build relationships with coworkers while virtual.

Assess the Leaders

What have the company leaders done to adapt the workplace to being remote? Are they leaders who are receptive to feedback and requests, or does it all have to be their way?

Find Out if You Can Advance

Data has shown remote workers often are offered advancement opportunities more slowly than in-office workers. Make sure you are getting a sense if this company would view you as second best.

Learn Their Culture

Does this job have a lot of experience doing things remotely? How do they prefer everyone communicate virtually? Will some of the team be in the office or all remote?

Are Remote Workers a Priority?

Just because they offer remote positions doesn’t always mean remote employees are equally valued. Is their technology at the office up to date enough for you to communicate effectively? Or are you left as an afterthought?

While finding a remote position might be at the top of your priority list, not just anyone will do. Make sure you are applying the same standards you would to any other job.

For more on what you should be looking for in the ideal remote position, see what Forbes says here.

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About the author: Anthony Cofrancesco of Honest Careers offers tips on finding the perfect remote job for you.

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