Your Brand, Your Image, Your Geekiness

Julie Walraven shared, through Twitter, a cool blog post that was written just for you and me (well, if you are geeky enough it is for you :)).

The post is titled The Best Success Story I’ve Ever Heard. He talks about a guy who was a geeky, Star Wars shirt wearing nerd who had a job.

And then, what he transformed into – someone who was a lot more successful than the nerd/geek.

By no means is this a post about nerds, geeks or any other category of person.

It is a post about the perception of image.  This person’s #1 bit of advice was:

Burn every StarWars t-shirt you own.

There are 3 other peices of advice… I don’t agree with all of them, but the idea is, change your image and you’ll change the way people think of you.

Before, they might not have thought of you as anything more than the geek… but once your image changes, based on your dress, what you drive, the language you use, how you do your hair, etc., they might think you are as successful as… as you might think you are (or, as your mom hopes you are)!

What do you think – does physical appearance really have that much influence? Or is this just an immature way to discriminate?


  1. Haneef N. Nelson on September 16, 2010 at 7:31 am

    In all honesty, physical apperance does make a difference in the eyes of most people as people tend to as the expression warns against “judge a book by its cover.”

    I’ve had that happen to me personally where one day I was frowned upon as I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans on a train and the next day the very same people engaged me in conversation when they saw me in a suit and tie (not realizing I was the same person they frowned upon the day before).

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