Working Moms and Careers

I’m not a working mom.  Just thought I’d clear the air on that one.

I did, however, come across a really cool resource for working moms (or soon-to-be working moms).  The Working Mother Experience is a blog that supports a 250 page book with “essays written by EMC women (and one man) from around the world. … [they]share their candid perspectives on being working mothers in our fast-paced business environment.”

What a cool book – you can get this book for free right now as an ebook, or apparently you can get it shipped to you, also free (they say quantities limited).

There is a lot of chatter about the notion of “work/life balance.”  I think working moms have it the worst, since traditionally (don’t beat me up, I’m saying “traditionally” for a reason) they are expected to do all the stuff at home, around the house, with the kids, with the neighborhood, etc…. and still have a career!

I know that working dads (I *am* one of those) also have expectations outside of work, but really, our main thing is to provide for the family, and we can put off a lot by saying we have to finish something up for work.  I don’t think working moms get that luxury.

Check out this book, The Working Mother Experience (there is a link to download it towards the top right).  I think you’ll get some great ideas, information and even moral support from these stories!

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