Why You Should Get Your Resume Updated Now

It’s tempting to wait, why should you get your resume updated now? Here’s the top reasons why you need to spend some time making sure your resume is ready to use:

why you should get your resume updated now. infographic listing 5 reasons. 1. Having your resume fully updated and already in a company's HR system when they start hiring again gives you an advantage over the competition. 2. Many companies are still seeking to fill jobs, and some are even creating new jobs. Examples include manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, logistics, and wholesale food services. 3. When companies reopen for business, it's likely there will be many empty positions from people who found other work or retired early, and there will be a lot of scrambling to fill those positions. 4. Most people put off updating their resume (or getting one) because they're too busy with work. Now is when you have the time to do it. Later on, you'll wish you had. 5. When the rush to fill jobs begins, hundreds of thousands of people will be contacting professional resume services for updated documents - which means longer wait times and possibly missing out on applying for positions.


Why You Should Get Your Resume Updated Now

In volatile times it’s important to be ready to pivot with changing needs and industry standards.  If you procrastinate until the position opens you may be too slow to compete. By preparing before you absolutely need to, you will bring your mind back to your overall strategy and career goals, which is the key to personal success.

Make sure to give your updated resume to your current company’s HR department for possible internal positions as well as updating any of your pertinent social media or LinkedIn profile with your resume.  Another perk of regularly updating your resume is that you won’t get any awkward glances from co-workers or supervisors if you do apply for positions with other companies.

Resume Updates for a Changing World

Staying flexible and agile is the key to navigating a swiftly changing job market which is exactly where we find ourselves. In the post-pandemic world, you need to be open to new opportunities and ready for change. Consider having multiple resumes ready to go, focused on different niches within your industry and career goals. When you’re prepared, you are ready to succeed no matter how the world changes.

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