Why you are the perfect fit but still not getting hired

Check out this post on Recruiting Blogs: Why You Should Never Hire the Perfect Candidate

Before reading it I wanted to respond saying ‘this is the drivel that recruiters read and think… what horrible advice!’

But then I read the post, and Meghan has some excellent points!  The think I’m taking away from this is that while you might be the perfect fit on paper, if they think you can’t adapt to the culture, or industry, etc. you will get looked over.

I hear many, many job seekers complain that they are a perfect fit.  In my job search I knew I was the perfect, best candidate (without, of course, knowing how the other candidates were).  I here the phrase “I’m PERFECT for that job!” too many times.

But Meghan is saying it’s more than just the specs in the job description.  It’s your ability to adapt.

If that is the case, how do you help recruiters and hiring managers understand that you are in fact the right person, AND adaptable?

Maybe that characteristic (adaptability) should be a part of your personal brand?

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