What Your Job Resume Should Look Like This Year

by Guest Author, Heather Austin

Even prior to all the world changes we have seen over the last couple of years, people struggled to perfect their resumes.

But in a job market that has been shaken up with new expectations on technological skills, or whether you need to disclose your vaccination status, it has people even more uncertain about what should and shouldn’t be included on a job resume in 2022.

Fox Business shared some tips from an expert for the modern job seeker, and it’s some advice you definitely want to heed if you want to be competitive in 2022.

No Hobbies

It’s possible that during the pandemic you got laid off and heard that it could be good to add in some hobbies you developed during that time to show you were still active.

Employers really don’t care unless it’s pertinent to the position, so leave out your cooking and dance lessons.

Focus on Transferable Skills

Even if you are switching fields, you no doubt have skills that can be applied elsewhere. When listing your duties at that previous position, focus on what you did that can be of benefit to this new position.

No Need for Old Jobs

This is another mistake people might make to try and fill out space in a resume they feel is lacking.

Unless they are relevant to your current job applications, don’t include positions from a decade ago, like your time working at an ice cream shop.

Have Results

Get specific with what you accomplished. Did you increase sales by an impressive percentage? Complete a goal way ahead of schedule? Provide context for why your work was significant.

Be Concise

The standard resume length is one or two pages, but that does not mean you have to fill every inch of that. You want to keep your credentials short and to the point so busy hiring managers easily find what they want to know.

No Headshots

One rookie mistake some applicants might make is including a photo of themselves. While this is common on a CV, a resume is not the same thing. People often mention the two in the same breath, but they have differences, and a lack of a headshot is one of them.

The modern resume has some new rules for you to learn, but many other aspects have stayed tried and true.

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About the author: Heather Austin offers tips on how to write the best resume in 2022.

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