What to Look for in an Assistant Resume Sample

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What to Look for in an Assistant Resume Sample

Here you are, planning to become and administrative or assistant or, other said, the unrewarded hero of your future company. It’s understandable, as this is a versatile job with a multitude of career perspectives and which suits generalist graduates. Yet, finding such a job begins with an appealing resume. If you’re fresh in the game, you might know how it should look like and what it should contain, but what should you extract from an administrative assistant resume sample?

Checking out an administrative assistant resume (https://iresumecoverletter.com/administrative-assistant-resume/) sample will help you understand more of what recruiters look for in your application file. However, do you know what to look for? Which information or section is relevant, and which should you overlook? Let’s see below!

The First Steps to Your Resume

  1. Research: The first and essential part of building up your resume is to research about the company. You’re not just applying for a job – you’re working your way to become the administrative assistant of a specific company. You should first investigate the company’s activity, history, project, industry, size and other specs. See which projects and achievements might have involved the assistant.
  2. Consulting a template: According to IResumeCoverLetter , a resume is successful if it highlights your achievements with quantifiable examples. Consulting an administrative assistant resume template helps you determine where such information should be located in your resume and how many examples you should provide. But don’t stop there.
  3. Narrowing down ideas: You may have come with information for your resume while researching for your job application. Write down everything on a sheet of paper. When you begin writing the resume, narrow down ideas to ensure that your resume is long enough to keep recruiters’ attention but short enough to avoid irrelevant information.
  4. Professional Critique: Once you have a draft of your resume submit it to Career Resumes for a free critique. It is always a good idea to get an expert’s opinion of your resume. This way you know you have the best version of your resume you can possible use.

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What You Can Learn from an Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

Show What You’ve Done

Recruiters need a reason to read your resume and they reveal it in the job description from the ad. You may have done a lot in your present or former jobs. Job responsibilities mean skills. Therefore, those that you will do in your future job matter. These are the relevant responsibilities to recruiters.

Even though some tasks might have taken little time in your past, they might be essential for the future. However, work is not only about doing things that managers ask you to. Involving in the well being of your company is essential. Therefore, achievements matter, especially if they are quantifiable. You might have implemented a new correspondence system or changed how the company organized meetings. These are examples that you can back-up by names and numbers.

Don’t Forget What You’ve Learned

You might have a bachelor’s degree or continued your studies and earned a master’s degree. Education is important especially since it might come with a specialization in the field that the company covers. In absence of a bachelor’s degree, you might not qualify for a job, because the degree is requested by most recruiters.

Experts claim that administrative assistants should perform as managers. Even tough they lack the experience, applicants can take courses which result in leadership or cognitive skills.

How Did You Evolve?

Everyone can mention that they are proficient in business writing, quick typewriters and masters of Microsoft Office and Adobe as skills. What about taking courses which demonstrate them? Instead of just mentioning skills, you can include them in the Education and Academic Training category.

It’s not all about education. If you’ve already worked in the field of administrative assistance you should know that opportunities to develop your skills don’t stop in the company. There are organizations which host conferences, summits, training workshops and mentorship programs exclusively designed for assistants. Including such training means showing other skills using examples.

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Let Them Know Where You Can Be Found

Everyone knows contact details are essential and that your email address should look professional. Yet, their relevance increases and might give you an ace if you live close to the company’s headquarters. They also show off that you’ve learned the basics of paragraphing well enough to include contact information in the upper left side of the resume.

Below the contact details should be your resume summary, which should:

  • Include information from each category – responsibilities, achievements, hard and soft skills, education and career purpose.
  • Should not have a length of more than 8 lines.
  • Should flow, even though it outlines different types of information.

Before Sending Your Application File

So, you’ve made your resume and feel confident enough to send it and wait for a successful interview. Your work has not ended yet. Here’s what you should do after you’ve finished the resume.

  1. Wait for a few hours. You might have not expected this but being away from your resume for a few hours helps you have a different editing perspective.
  2. Upon returning, edit your resume by removing as many vague words as possible. You don’t need to be good or above average, but to ensure employers that you handle the skills you mention in your resume.
  3. The application file doesn’t just consist of a resume. Research, compile and attach a cover letter to your file before sending it.
  4. Double check all documents and hit the Send button.

Interview, Interview

Waiting for a response from employers may be time and mind consuming. Make sure you’re busy enough not to overthink the employment process but keep your phone and email close.

Once you’re in the recruiter’s office, you’re one step closer to the job thanks to a well-developed administrative assistant resume and your professional approach towards the employment ad.

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