What is a Social Resume?

“Long live the resume!”

The traditional resume will die!”

“Video resumes rule.”

This debate will go on and on and on.  You know where I stand – the traditional resume will not die, but there is room for other “things” to come in and fill some gaps.

Enter the Social Resume.

I just got an email from the Brazen Careerist network talking about their version of the social resume. It’s cool, of course, and it will be cool to see how it develops.  It is not the only way to have a social resume.  Here are some other ideas for a Social Resume (especially if you are not a Brazen Careerist member):

  1. Your LinkedIn Profile. This is the easiest, least expensive, most common, and probably highest return “social resume” you can have. I don’t think your LinkedIn Profile is a resume, and it shouldn’t look like your resume, but if you want to have a website where people can find you (social), and communicate with you (social), and learn about you (resume), this is the low hanging fruit.  My LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD has over 20 minutes of LinkedIn Profile critiques to help you know how to make yours stronger, or Career Resumes does LinkedIn Profile makeovers.  It’s not that hard to get this done right.
  2. A one-page blog. Usually when I think “blog” I think “commitment to writing a lot.”  Because that’s what bloggers do.  But really, you can go to wordpress.com or typepad and set up a blog, have it be your name (like yourname.wordpress.com) and then just have ONE page… that page would be your social resume.  If you want you can include links to your LinkedIn Profile, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Get creative.  It’s easy to do… just don’t do any advertising or they will snatch your blog away and you will be left with nothing.
  3. Emurse.com. I love this site. I didn’t list it first because it’s more of a traditional resume than a social resume… however, it’s still pretty cool.  Take your traditional resume and put it into emurse…. then you’ll have yourname.emurse.com as your landing page.  There are lots of cool bells and whistles on emurse – and it’s free.
  4. VisualCV.com. This is a terrific way to showcase lots of visual stuff, like pictures, videos, etc.  LinkedIn kind of allows you to do this but it isn’t elegant at all – VisualCV is elegant, and one of the best I’ve seen.  Again, they are free.
  5. And since I mentioned it, video resumes. I think “video” and “resume” shouldn’t go together, but definitely a video portfolio or … video bio.  VideoBio is a company that helps you put together a 2 – 3 minute “here’s who I am” in a very strategic, targeted and professional way.  It’s not a replacement to the resume at all, but some people like the idea of the power of a video.  Check out VideoBio and see some of their example videos or the enhanced videos.

I wouldn’t say that Facebook or Twitter provide you a social resume… some might argue that but I just don’t see it.  What am I missing – any other ideas?

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