What Does Your Job Title Really Say About You?

Your Job Title says a lot about you actually. If you are looking for a promotion or a new job, it can help you — or hurt you.

Unique and trendy titles can be catchy and fun while promoting a more relaxed work environment and upbeat brand. They definitely grab your attention. For example, Guru and Rock Star might replace Expert or Manager. But what does this say about your career path?

This isn’t just about beating an Applicant Tracking System with the right words to flag a response. There are several reasons to consider your current  or future job titles.

Let’s consider some.

Does Your Job Title Describe Your Role?

It is important that your job title is an  accurate and easily identifiable description of your job duties. Recruiters and hiring managers scan resumes and applications quickly, looking for the skills, experience, and titles that they require. If they have to spend too much time guessing or wondering what your title actually means, it might end up being a missed opportunity for you.

Does your Job Title Show Advancement?

It is getting harder and harder for companies to get detailed references for potential hires. Most companies will simply verify that you work there without providing any additional information about your work history. The result is that hiring managers have to decipher information from your resume. If you have worked at a company for any length of time and your title has never changed this could indicate that you have not been given a promotion or advancement. This can be interpreted as an inability to learn and grow or an aversion to taking on new challenges and responsibilities.

If you have been given more duties and/or a raise with no title change, you can explain this in an interview (if you get one.) However, it would be more helpful if your company also recognized it with a job title change.

This is something to consider when applying for a new job at a different company. Be sure that you understand what their job advancement track looks like and what each job title is that is associated with it.

Does Your Job Title Reflect Your Salary?

Just like work history, getting access to someone’s salary is hard. In most cases, it is either illegal or considered inappropriate to even ask. Your job title should reflect the progression of your career. If it doesn’t you may find it difficult to convince prospective employers of your true value.

The Wrap Up

If your current job title does not reflect your level of expertise or advancement in your career, consider talking with your employer about a title change. If you are considering a new job offer, be sure to discuss exactly what your job title will be now and with future promotions. Having this discussion with either your current or future employer will show that you are serious about your career and advancement and will show initiative.

Good Luck! We are here for you!

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