Vice-President Resume

How are vice-president resumes different than normal resumes?  How fancy do they need to be?  What should be included and what should be left off?

I know that I didn’t want to leave much off of my resume… I had worked too hard in my career to not list certain things… but I wasn’t understanding the purpose of my resume.  It wasn’t to list all of my accomplishments and greatness.  It was to get me an interview… and my resume failed at that.

I’ve seen some executive resumes that have so much fancy formatting they don’t look like resumes.  Is that okay for an executive resume?

The question is, what is the purpose of your resume. Is it accomplishing that purpose?

If it isn’t you need to rethink it.  Think like a marketer (because as a job seeker you are now a marketer!) and make sure you have the very best marketing document.

If you want to see some samples, check out these sample resumes.

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