The Resume Black Hole (Part II)

On Monday I talked about the resume black hole and suggested that if you are suffering from this very common job seeker ailment, you should think about employing a different strategy.

I talked about your desire to build a house and having only one tool: a hammer (this might be your resume… is that your only tool in your job search?).

One point from Monday was to use other tools.  But another critical point is the use of the tool.  Do you use a hammer to break wood?  Hopefully you can get a saw to saw the wood, instead of just pounding at the wood until it breaks!

How do you use a hammer?  Of course there are creative ways to use a hammer… but for the purpose of this post let’s say we all know how to use a hammer.

But do you know how to use a resume (which is a job search tool)?

Do you know how to use an elevator pitch (another job search tool)?

Do you know how to use LinkedIn, or your LinkedIn Profile (more job search tools)?

Not only should you have multiple, complementary job search tools, but you should know how to use them, and use them in the right way.

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