The Different Job Search

When I got laid off I started my job search logically and methodically.  I first got my resume finished, then I found jobs on job boards, then I applied to those jobs, then I waited for responses (while applying to more jobs, wondering why responses weren’t coming in)… this went on for weeks.

I finally broke down and went to a two-day job seeker workshop to try and figure out why I wasn’t getting any leads.  What I learned was my process, which I assumed would be correct (seriously, how hard can looking for a job be, right?), was totally flawed.

My job search strategy was the same as other job seekers’ strategies… that is, the job seekers who weren’t getting anywhere (except frustrated).  The successful job seeker was doing other stuff.

Instead of staying on job boards, the successful job seeker was not spending much time on the computer.  I was spending about 50 hours on the computer.

The successful job seeker was out meeting people, going to network meetings, initiating breakfasts, lunches, coffees, etc.

The successful job seeker was approaching target companies with a plan and a strategy, and even doing consulting or volunteering.

The successful job seeker was spending time in their car, going from place to place.  I thought I was being more efficient because I could get more done without any windshield time, doing more “transactions” on my laptop.

The successful job seeker was networking with other professionals in transition, because they were a great source of information, network leads, and morale support.

The successful job seeker… get this… I know the job search is frustrating beyond explanation, but the successful job seeker was having fun.

My perspective, cooped up all alone in my room with my laptop wondering why noone was responding to me, was messed up.

I was the unsuccessful job seeker.

I didn’t listen to anyone’s advice.

I missed out.

Are you going to be a successful job seeker, or an unsuccessful job seeker?

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