Ten New Years Anti-Resolutions

As someone who will be looking to advance your career in the new year, here are a few anti-resolutions you may consider.

10. I resolve NOT to overindulge at any New Years parties and damage my career by leering at the boss’s wife or telling her what I really think of her latest plastic surgery.

9. I resolve NOT to forget to send in my registration for that big industry conference scheduled for the spring.

8. I resolve NOT to mention my boss’s name in my online blog, especially in conjunction with my rant about what a mess was made of the last project he led. The life of information on the Internet is far-reaching and uncontrollable.

7. I resolve NOT to treat the help staff in the restaurant like dirt in front of the high profile clients because I know I will be judged by how I treat others in subordinate positions. I also want to avoid additional future mysterious attacks of food poisoning.

6. I resolve NOT to reply “Because I deserve it” when asked why I should be given a raise in the new year. Instead, I will have thought about the question far ahead of time and prepared an answer that contains demonstrable contributions I’ve made. I also resolve to be honest enough to realize when I’ve been a skate and I don’t deserve a raise rather than blaming my poor performance on others.

5. I resolve NOT to call in sick after promising some one else I’d cover that day for them. Give and you shall receive.

4. I resolve NOT to stand on the merits of other people’s work but rather stand only on my own. And if I don’t have any of my own to stand on, I resolve to get off my butt and get to work making something positive out of my career and make a contribution.

3. I resolve NOT to allow my network connections die between now and the next time I decide I need them for job search help.

2. I resolve NOT to trust my entire job search to the job search agents of the big job boards and will instead take responsibility for finding my next job through hard work and diligence.

1. I resolve NOT to write my own resume because not only do I have no idea how a powerful resume should be constructed, I know the value of a good investment. Some things should just be left to the professionals.

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