Taken for Granted

I watched an interesting program on one of the cable channels the other evening (can’t remember which) about technology of the 80’s. Talk about a blast from the past! The program talked about the development of the video game, the PC, the Mac, and various other 80’s items such as the Rubik’s Cube and Simon. It was definitely a walk down memory lane, but it also started me thinking of all the changes that we have undergone since Reagan was in office.


Cell phones for instance. Can we imagine our life without that little piece of hardware constantly within reach? I remember when car phones (that were hardwired into the console) were the big rage. You were uptown if you had a car phone. In case of a car accident, a bystander would have to run to the nearest business or house to report it. Now, even the CAR can report it if it’s equipped with OnStar.


Business today would be very different if the cell phone had not been born, not to mention the PDA. Everything seems to happen quicker these days because the means of communication is almost instantaneous. Voice mail, email, mp3, the Internet, Voice over IP – it’s all evolving rapidly and impacting the way we do business, our lives, and our free time.


Job search has changed significantly due to these different methods of communication. When is the last time you mailed a resume by USPS? Probably several years. Most resumes are sent as file attachments to email messages. Resumes can be downloaded, uploaded, broadcasted, and even made into fully functioning web pages. Because of these changes, it’s important to make sure your resume and job search strategies take full advantage of the opportunities in improved communications. If you aren’t using every method available, you are behind the 8-ball and putting yourself at a disadvantage.

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