Should You Use the Open to Work Banner on LinkedIn?

It’s been about a year since LinkedIn added the Open to Work Banner feature for profiles. While LinkedIn is a great tool to use while job seeking, this may not be the best move. At first, it may seem like a great way to let your networks know you are looking for a new job. We encourage you to keep reading and think a bit more about it.

Recruiters like it. Employers Don’t.

The banner’s help section on LinkedIn states:

“If you specify the types of job opportunities that you’re interested in and your preferred location, we’ll help your profile show up in search results when recruiters look for suitable job candidates.”

LinkedIn users have reported that recruiters have reached out to them more when they use the banner. However, it can be a bit tricky to splash that notice prominently on your profile picture if you are currently working and looking for new employment. Your current boss certainly won’t like it.

From an employer’s perspective, even those who are looking to hire, it can seem desperate or unprofessional if you are still employed by someone else. Others may assume the banner means you don’t currently have a job, and they may not want to hire someone who’s currently unemployed.

Will the Open to Work Banner Affect Your Negotiation Power?

Negotiation is a battle of perception and it’s important to be careful not only what you say, but also with how much enthusiasm or power is behind your message. Whether you are currently employed or not, it is best to leverage yourself as a highly sought-after asset.

When is it ok to use it?

The “Open to Work” banner isn’t for everyone looking for a new job, even though it’s made for job seekers. Your current employment status and what kind of opportunities you’re looking for can affect whether or not the banner should be included in your profile. How quickly you want work will also play into this decision since posting more often may help bring about potential connections that could turn into career advancement opportunities down the road.

Recruiters can be an excellent resource for helping you find a job. But if they’re not your first choice in finding work, it might be best to skip using banners and focus on other methods instead.

What do you think? Should job seekers use the Open to Work Banner? Let us know your thoughts.

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