Should You Stop Your Job Search and Go Back To School?

Here’s something I think is quite contraversial – when is it time to go back to school?

This is a hard one for me because when I started my job search I was already well-credentialed.  I had a CIS undergraduate and an MBA.  Both of these were supposed to have contributed significantly to my “job security” but in reality they had no impact.

Maybe I wasn’t flaunting them enough… or maybe nobody cared.

When people come to me today and say they are thinking about going back to school I wonder if they are just looking for a way to hide out during this poor economy.]

Having said that, I realize that for many people going back to school is the right thing to do – they either don’t have a degree or don’t have some relevant technical certification – or they are looking for a change in profession or industry.

The problem with going back to school is if you think it is going to be your job search silver bullet.  I doubt it would be – and I’m just saying that from personal experience.

There isn’t really a job search silver bullet, but there is sound, principle-based job search advice.  Let me share one bit of advice if you are going to school:

Realize that your school experience is a powerful opportunity to NETWORK.  It’s not just about the books – it’s about growing your contact list and nurturing individual relationships.

Every person you meet in your program (wither it is votech or not) can be valuable in your career – these are students who will be networking with people you might want to know, or professors and staff who know industry contacts because they’ve been helping graduates for years.

Don’t just take names and numbers, try and get on their radar – be helpful and make a positive impression on them so they remember who you are and think about how they can help you.

Growing and nurturing relationships during school might be more important to your career than what you learn at school!

The article that triggerred all this was from CNN titled Going back to school to get a job.

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