Rethinking Your Career

Today on my JibberJobber blog I wrote about the idea of dusting off your dreams that you have put off for your career.  It might be too radical for some people, especially if they are still in the beginning of their job search and have plans for a short, successful job search 😉

But for many, changing career paths is something they will do as their job search is unsuccessful.  Here’s a story from CNN about Josh Hager, who was at Lehman Brothers.  He didn’t have a degree, which hurt his job search… but he landed okay!  I’m guessing there are much less fewer bragging rights in what he ended up doing, but perhaps he is more fullfilled?  If nothing else, it looks like he has a good solid job right now.  The point of this article is that he survived the layoff… just like you will.

Here’s another CNN article about James Donato, a guy who had to reinvent his career when his industry was “drying up.”  James was able to look at what other industries were doing well and adjust his course so he was aligned where the money was… the article talks about recession-proofing your career.  This is something that we can’t count on a company, or HR, to do for us.  We have to look at these things and make decisions for our own careers… we have to be CEO of Me, Inc.!

What are you doing to whether a storm which you have no control over?  You don’t have control over the economy, or the flattening world, but you do have control over what kind of vehicle you are in (or, what kind of industry you are in), which direction you are going (towards or away from something thriving or dying), etc.

This is YOUR decision.  If you don’t know what course you are on, you better figure it out 🙂


  1. Sharon Wilson on April 3, 2009 at 5:15 am

    Being layed off is never easy. The best way to rebound from it is to keep a positive attitude about the situation and perhaps to take the opportunity to persue a dream you’ve put off.

  2. Russ on April 3, 2009 at 7:47 am

    I agree with Sharon. Being layed off is an opportunity to go after your dreams and Make It Happen.

    One door closes and another opens.

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