Ready for the Brutal Truth in your Job Search?

If you are ready for the brutal truth, read this post: Strike 1 – You’re Out!

Jerry Albright is well-known among his recruiter colleagues.  And in that post he’s not mincing words.

Can you afford a mistake in follow-up?  Can you talk your way out of missing an interview?

Is if fair for recruiters to pull you out of the pool simply because you were a little late?

Whether it is fair or not, it is happening all the time.

A recruiter wants a long-term relationship with the client, which is the hiring company.  If there are any red (or yellow) flags about YOU, whether it has to do with your dress or your personality or how you communicate, they might pull you out of the candidate pool.  If they pass you on, and that red flag becomes a problem for their client, YOU could cost them a big contract or relationship.

It’s simply a part of the vetting process.  So, be careful, be purposeful, and be professional.  Because sometimes all you get is ONE STRIKE.

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