Peter Newfield and Kathy Simmons about Professional Resumes

kathy simmons, CEO of NetshareKathy Simmons, CEO and President of Netshare, interviewed Peter Newfield (owner of Career Resumes) with a number of questions about professional resume writing.  The questions Kathy Simmons asks are:

  1. Why do you need someone else to write your resume?
  2. In this market, what is the most important thing (in terms of resume, or getting people’s attention, etc.)?
  3. Will LinkedIn do away with resumes (or make resumes irrelevant)?
  4. Is there any particular area where your resume writers (and LinkedIn Profile) are the strongest?  (cool answer, Peter has 22 resume writers with different specialties, and clients get assigned to the writer that is best for them).

This is a short (seven minutes and 38 seconds) interview but it’s very cool to hear from Peter about his business operation as well as his take on current issues in the resume and job search space.

Click the image below to listen:

Peter Newfield and Kathy Simmons about Resumes

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