Overcoming Rejection in Your Job Search

Have you experienced rejection lately?

You will find the perfect job (or at least the next best one in your career), but you will most likely encounter a few rejections and road bumps in the process.

It is easier for someone to say, “It wasn’t meant to be,” than for you to believe it when the sting of rejection is fresh. And what does that really mean anyway? The rejection might not have anything to do with you. If it did, you can learn from it.

Tip: Reach out the hiring manager and ask for feedback as to how you could do better in your next interview. Constructive criticism can very useful and help you grow.

Whether you know the reasons or not as to why you weren’t hired, you can use the temporary loss as a gain for the future.

Here are some tips for moving past rejection and using it to your advantage as you continue your job search. Don’t get discouraged, it is all worth it.

Note: Remember to always keep the lines of communication open and respond with a proper “thank you” even if it was simply for the opportunity to interview. This sets yourself up for future positions and recommendations. In other words, don’t burn bridges that could help you later because you are upset now.

Rejection is Normal

Rejection is part of the job search process. If you have a realistic understanding of that, you will be better prepared. Don’t go into every interview thinking, “I’m never going to get this job”, because you probably won’t. Instead, approach each opportunity as a discovery to see if it is a good fit–for you and for them.

Employers are looking for candidates who possess the proper credentials and experience but also exhibit the right cultural fit. The latter is extremely important in job satisfaction. Keep in mind that sometimes when you don’t get the job, it might be a huge blessing. You could have been miserable there.

Also keep in mind that a bad cultural fit doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you or the company. There are other opportunities out there that are a better match.

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Let Yourself Be Disappointed

Disappointment is normal. We all deal with it. It’s hard to go after a dream job, ace the interview, dream about that corner office, and then get rejected. Give yourself a very brief moment to lick your wounds. Recognize disappointment as another part of the process and then move on.

Increase Your Resilience

How resilient you are and how fast you bounce back after a setback can determine, to a large extent, your success and satisfaction in life.  Here are 14 Ways to Be More Resilient So You Can Bounce Back From Adversity

Don’t Give Up

Keep looking and learn from the process. Yes, it can be disappointing, but if you can turn it into a learning experience you will find success. It will help you:

  • dial in your search
  • better define what you want
  • discover the companies that are a great fit
  • define the company culture you want to work in
  • play to your strengths
  • discover the areas that need improvement

Stay Positive

The average job search can take 6-9 months. Recruiters would much rather work with candidates who are enthusiastic and excited about new opportunities, not beaten down by past experiences.

How do you stay positive in your job search? We want to know what works for you.

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