Other Career Goals for 2009

Yesterday I talked about career goals for 2009, focusing on fixing up my resume and having it ready as part of my overall career strategy.

Today I’ll share some of my other career goals.  Understand that I’m actually self-employed… this either means I’m (a) not looking for a job, or (b) always looking for the next gig 🙂

In fact, as someone who is self-employed I would say both… I’m always looking for my next gig, and you should be too.  I don’t care if you are happily employed at a big fat Fortune 100 company and you are getting ready to get the gold watch, or if you work at a small startup and are wondering how long you can ride the funding wave – we ALL need to be ready for the next thing.  Just like me, and everyone else who is self-employed.

Aside from the resume goals from yesterday’s post, here are five things I’m going to work on for next year – do any of these apply to you?

  1. Diversify my income streams. When I got canned I hated that 100% of my income went away.  I resolved to have multiple income streams, and that has carried over to my business.  I have identified 10 income (revenue) streams for my business for 2009, projected them out to 2010, and started to seriously think about what resources I put into each of them (considering the growth potential and distraction factor (if one only generates $100 it is too distracting and not worth my effort)).  If you have ONE income stream the risks of financial problems probably increase for you if you were to get canned.  What are potential income streams for you in 2009?
  2. Solidify my brand. I had the hardest time telling people what JibberJobber was when we first got started.  If you have heard many 30 second pitches you realize this is a problem most people have.  Ill-prepared pitches paint people into a corner or make them look like a jack-of-all-trades (master of none).  I will have a more solid brand, and all the messaging that goes around it, so when people ask me what I do (or what JibberJobber does, or what my books are about, etc.) I’ll be able to communicate that effectively.  Is your brand solidified?
  3. Strengthen my messaging channels. Being a speciliast, or expert, or service provider, or thought leader isn’t really any good if no one knows who you are or what you bring to the table.  I’ve realized that in order to sell more stuff I need to reach more people, and I have plenty of tools to do this.  In 2009 my messaging channels will get stronger so that my brand can be communicated.  What are your messaging channels?  (here’s a free idea: write an article for your association/industry magazine or newsletter)
  4. Create the mentoring relationships I’ve needed. I’ve surrounded myself by amazing people, and have had the opportunity to chat with them on a personal level.  Underneath every huge success story is a normal human being, someone who would be happy to help.  I’ve neglected the opportunities I’ve had to get the leadership, management and industry mentoring I’ve needed, simply because I haven’t asked.  In 2009 I’ll ask, and I’ll create a powerful web of mentors.  Who is mentoring you?
  5. Help more people. I believe I’ll get help as I help more people.  But even if I don’t get any tangible or financial help, I’ll have a peace of mind that comes from serving others.  Sometimes we need to give just to give, and serve just because it’s the right thing to do.  If you think you have nothing to give, or nowhere to serve, I guarantee I can find someone worse off than you.  From extending a warm handshake, hug or smile to giving cash to giving of your time, you have something to give, and I will work on giving more in 2009.  What can you do to help more people?

These are five of my goals for 2009… they are for my business.  What are your goals, as CEO of Me, Inc?

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