Not the Straight and Narrow

Today is Monday. Today, as people all over the country drag themselves into their cubes with coffee in hand, they wonder to themselves “What other job is out there for me?” The average American changes post-college jobs at least seven times in their lifetime and changes total career fields at least three times before retirement. Eighty percent of college graduates never work in their major field of study. Just because you start out as a widget-maker doesn’t mean you’ll retire in the same field.

Gone are the days of thirty-year careers in one field culminated with a retirement party and a gold watch. Career changes are common occurrences these days. Over the weekend, I was reading the latest edition of Mental Floss magazine and there was an article about previous careers of famous people. Did you know:

Dr. Ruth used to be a sniper for the Israeli army?
Sylvester Stallone was a pooper scooper at the Bronx Zoo?
Whoopi Goldberg worked in a funeral home as a make-up artist?
Liam Neeson was a forklift driver at the Guinness brewery in Belfast?
Elvis Costello was a computer programmer for Elizabeth Arden?
John Malkovich was a school bus driver?

Everyone changes careers. Life is too short to do something that makes you miserable. The key is to find something that you love and meets all your other requirements (like the mortgage). Considering a career change? We can help by crafting a resume that will help you meet your goals.

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