No Man (or Woman) is a Job Search Island

Are you going through the job search process alone or do you have a team behind you? I bet that’s something you’ve never thought about. Most people think of job search as an activity that is conducted by yourself, more and more often while just sitting in front of the computer as you are now. But successful people know that to succeed in anything, including finding a new job, it takes a team of people to help you on your way.

Who exactly is on this team? Lots of people contribute to your job search success. First of all, let’s look at the obvious team members.

Professional Resume Writer – The professional resume writer is your own personal marketing director. Getting a new job is about marketing yourself successfully. Hiring a professional resume writer is the same as hiring an experienced marketing director who knows how to sell the product – you!

Career Coach – More and more successful people, especially those aspiring at the executive levels, hire career coaches. A career coach helps the job seeker determine goals, map out plans to meet those goals, and determine priorities in the work-life balance.

Network Contacts – The best successes in job search often come through network contacts. Hiring human capital is more and more automated with the online job boards, resume databases, and recruiting software than most HR departments use now days. A personal recommendation to a hiring manager by a network contact will always trump any candidate that comes in through the web. Pay attention to your network and keep it cultivated, even when you are not looking for a job.

Spouse – A spouse or close friend who serves as a personal cheerleader is crucial. No one who has ever gone through a job search has done so without periods of frustration, depression, anxiety, or discouragement. Having someone who can pick you up and remind you that things are going to be okay during those low periods is invaluable.

Job Search Partner- If you are fortunate to have someone else in your life who is also seeking a new job, you can team up to share leads, attend job fairs together, provide objective advice, and general mutual assistance. Every load is easier when shared and having a job search partner can make the process not only easier but more successful. If you are fortunate to have someone who is seeking a similar job or a job in the same industry, your job search will be even easier because you can share information, trade job leads, or give each other insider tips. A job search partner can also serve as an accountability partner to help you keep yourself on track and working toward your next job.

Recruiter – A good recruiter will do his or her best to make sure you get the best deal from a prospective employer. Treat recruiters with respect and understanding of their situation and you could have a partner that will be beneficial in future job searches, too.

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