Need Resume Help?

I needed resume help but I was in denial.

I was really too smart, I thought, to have to pay someone to write a resume for me.

I really thought I would be paying for someone to type it up and make it look nice, which is something I could have done.

I thought I would be paying for someone to write sentences and phrases and make sure I didn’t make any 101 mistakes, like not putting certain types of words in certain parts of my resume.

I could figure out how to write sentences and phrases.  It’s not rocket science, right?

So I wrote my own resume.  Actually, I took my dad’s resume and made a bunch of edits… that way I got to keep the super cool formatting that he paid for.

I didn’t get resume help, and that became a problem.

I didn’t realize I had a problem at the time, because I didn’t recognize that the purpose of a resume is to get you an interview.  My resume wasn’t getting me interviews, but because I didn’t understand the purpose, I didn’t realize it was a problem.

A few months into my DIY job search I learned that my resume was keeping me out of interviews.

And I realized a professional resume writer’s job is not to be a typist, a formatter or a sentence creator.  The job of a professional resume writer is to help me optimize my resume as a personal marketing document and get me into job interviews.

Never again will I make that mistake.  Will you?

Career Resumes can check out your current resume and help you enhance it (if it needs help).  Click here for a free resume critique.

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