Mark LeBlanc helps you Grow Your Business

I realize many of you are looking for a traditional job, but many are looking for alternatives, including owning a business.  This post is for you, if you are open to alternatives.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days at a Mark LeBlanc workshop/seminar and was able to learn from him.  Mark has a small book, so he’s an author.  But beyond that, he’s helped thousands of people rethink their business, get their priorities in order, and focus on business growth and success.

When I saw this in my Facebook feed I knew I should share it with you (even without him knowing about it):


He’s a terrific, grounded person.  If you are in La Jolla or Minneapolis I encourage you to check out his workshops.

If you aren’t, get his very inexpensive book. It is small but there is a lot of value there.

At his Growing Your Business website you can click on the Events tab and you’ll see other locations, including Nashville and Philadelphia.

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